Directors and Officers Litigation

Directors and Officers litigation refers to claims relating to the legal duty a company’s executive team owes to the company they work for.  Our firm has extensive experience helping executives and companies navigate through complex laws governing how to properly fulfill their duties to the company and its investors and shareholders. It has also represented individual investors and shareholders who had a company, or its executives cause them to lose part or all of their investment.

When Might Directors & Officers Litigation Be Necessary?

Directors & Officers Litigation may be necessary under a variety of circumstances which implicate those considered directors and/or officers of a corporation. These circumstances may include:

  • When someone is claiming that an officer or director has committed negligence or breached their fiduciary duty, engaged an undisclosed conflict of interest, engaged in fraudulent activity, or a misrepresentation of themselves or the company.

  • When a company or its leadership has stolen or otherwise misappropriated funds or assets.

  • When corporate boards work to investigate and report to their company’s shareholders and any demands they may have.

  • When high-level executives fail to do their due diligence when making company decisions, such as a business merger or acquisition, terminating an employee, or any other decisions made on behalf of the corporation.

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If you are a company, or a director or officer against whom a claim has been made, or if you are a shareholder or investor who has suffered damage as a result of acts or omissions by a corporate executive, you should consult with an attorney experienced and knowledgeable in this area of law. Goe Forsythe & Hodges LLP has the experience and knowledge necessary to properly analyze your situation and formulate a strategy to accomplish your objectives.

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