Professional Malpractice Litigation

Professional negligence (malpractice) occurs when a professional fails to act within the applicable standard of care required for their profession. Often times companies and individuals suffer damages because their lawyer, accountant or real estate broker committed negligence or was engaged in some other wrongdoing.

What Type of Professional May Commit Malpractice?

All professionals are at risk of being sued for malpractice. Having a strategic partner that has experience in helping you or your firm navigate through the unique issues that come with these claims is essential. Goe Forsythe & Hodges LLP has trial lawyers who have routinely and successfully handled lawsuits involving the prosecution and defense of professional malpractice claims against lawyers, accountants and real estate brokers. These claims include allegations of negligence, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, conflicts of interest and mishandling of trust funds.

How a Professional Malpractice Attorney Can Help

A competent malpractice attorney can help you quickly determine the likelihood of a positive outcome by examining the facts and writings relating to your representation. Our firm has those competent and experienced professionals ready to help you assess the viability of a potential claim, whether it be one you need to assert or one you need to defend against.

An Advocate You Can Trust

If you are facing allegations of professional negligence, your livelihood, reputation, and professional license may be on the line. It is crucial that you surround yourself with trusted counselors who will work tirelessly to defend your rights. At Goe Forsythe & Hodges LLP our team of attorneys has the experience and knowledge you need.

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